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Parental Support – The Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator (HSCL)

Parental participation is encouraged in Catherine McAuley Junior School. The designated Parent Room is a hub for a variety of activities.

The role of the HSCL is to encourage and to support parents to help their children reach their full potential in school.

Our HSCL is Mary Rose Maher (a member of the teaching staff) – Mary Rose works from the Parent’s Room in our school. Her contact number is 087 7518418.

The Parents’ Room

The Parents’ Room in school is located on the ground floor next to the Preschool. The Parents’ Room is used for a number of activities on a weekly basis – English Language Classes, Parent & Toddler Group, Chat Room (conversation group), and Cookery Sessions, Garden Group.

Parents are welcome to drop in for information and support and to meet the HSCL Co-ordinator.

Come into the Parents Room to see photo displays of these groups in action and pick up lots of other information

Follow the progress of the activities on our website/Face book page.

The HSCL supports and encourages parents to develop their own skills and education e.g. spoken English, cooking, exercise, gardening.

The programme currently has a number of FREE courses running for Parents –

Course Venue Day Time
Computers Kennedy College
Gardening Cath. McAuley School Wednesdays 9.30 – 1pm
English Language Parents Room Tuesdays 9.00 – 11.00

We also have a number of FREE activities for Parents that run on a weekly basis –

Activity Venue Day Time
Walking Group Cath. McAuley School Mondays 9 -10am
Parent & Toddler Group Parents Room Tuesdays 11.30 – 1pm
Chat Room – Conversation group Parents Room Thursdays 9 – 10am
Culture Cookery Sessions Parents Room Every third Thursday approx.. 11.00 – 1pm

Our courses and activities are open to all parents and we would welcome new members so if you are interested in finding out more about any of the above contact Mary Rose Maher 087 7518418.

The Next Steps Programme has been developed by the HSCL team in New Ross. This is a six week programme to help sixth class pupils prepare for a successful transition to Secondary School. A team of parents are trained to facilitate the work with the pupils. This includes parents from the Junior School. This programme has been very well received and has been rolled out in other schools in the area.