Staff & Classes

There are 23 teachers on staff in Catherine McAuley Junior School:

14 mainstream teachers, 8 Learning and Language Support teachers, 3 special classes for children with autism (1 early Intervention Class and 2 Junior Classes) and an administrative principal.

The teaching staff for the school year 2019/2020 is as follows:

Principal – Ms Elma Sutton

Junior Infants

  • Ms Laura Murphy
  • Ms Vanessa Moynihan
  • Ms Angela Kimpton

Senior Infants

  • Ms Sinéad Aspel
  • Ms Joanna Harrington
  • Ms Una Burrell

1st Class

  • Ms Yvonne Lambert / Ms Geraldine Delaney
  • Mrs Ann Jackson
  • Ms Thalia Smithwick

2nd Class

  • Mr Mark Roche
  • Ms Helen Mahony / Ms Nicola Fitzpatrick
  • Ms Maria O’ Shea

Special Education Team (SET)

  • Ms Mari Furlong (Deputy Principal)

Learning and Language

  • Ms Winifred Mahon (Assistant Principal 1)

Support Teachers

  • Ms Debbie Kent (Learning Support Teacher – Literacy)
  • Ms Tara Mears (Learning Support Teacher – Literacy)
  • Ms Catherine Gladney (Learning Support Teacher – Literacy)
  • Ms Rosanne Redmond (Learning Support Teacher – Literacy)
  • Ms Martina O’Connor (Learning Support Teacher – Literacy)
  • Ms Sonia Knox (Learning Support Teacher – Literacy)
  • Ms Mary O’Leary (Learning Support Teacher – Maths)

Glaisín (Special classes for children with autism)

  • Ms Rebecca Ryan (Teacher)
  • Ms Elisha Wall (Teacher)
  • Ms Fleur Animashaun (Teacher)
  • Ms Mary Connolly (Special Needs Assistant)
  • Ms Kayleigh Roche (Special Needs Assistant)
  • Ms Anna Dowling (Special Needs Assistant)
  • Ms Sheila Barden (Special Needs Assistant)
  • Ms Jennifer Walsh (Special Needs Assistant)
  • Ms Catherine Good ( Special Needs Assistant)

Nurture Room:

  • Ms Cathy Holden (Teacher)

Home/School Community Liaison Coordinator:

  • Ms Mary Rose Maher

Special Needs Assistants – Mainstream

  • Ms Marie Cullen
  • Ms Selina Lyng
  • Ms Nuala Larkin
  • Ms Joanne Doyle
  • Ms Mag Furness

Our Support Staff consists of:


  • Ms Colette Bradley


  • Mr Johnny Barron
  • Mr Niall Carroll


  • Ms Martina Tench
  • Ms Beata Rosol

All staff have been fully Garda vetted and have completed the Túsla Child Safeguarding Training.

Our teachers are constantly up-skilling to provide the best up to date teaching and learning environment for our pupils.

The following programmes have been completed by all staff members:

  • Túsla Child Protection
  • Middletown ASD (Autism Course)
  • Incredible Years ( Positive Behaviour Programme)